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Home Delivery and Home Brewing

It’s been a rubbish first day at work after a very relaxing week and a half back in Northern Ireland with family, open fires, good whiskey and variable beer.  I ate every meal today at my desk.

However, there’s always alcohol.  And, what’s more, alcohol given to me by friends and loved ones.  I didn’t notice it lurking in the corner of my office until lunchtime, but the first part of Kate’s fantastic Christmas present to me was waiting there.  A cardboard box with some hops on the outside contained the first 13 beers of MyBreweryTap.com’s 52 Week Beer Club, which promises to turn the entirety of 2011 into a big beery advent calendar.  Of the 13 beers, I’ve only tried four before, so I’m very excited.  Look, widescreen:

Also today my colleague Emma gave me a plastic bottle of her first homebrewed cider made from apples from her own garden in Wentbridge.  It was thanks for the rambling and half-thought out advice I’d given her when she set out, muttering on about yeast, sugar and secondary fermentation (but mainly directing her to a good home brewing shop).  It also represents rental payments on my hydrometer.

The cider itself is pleasingly dry, tart and powerful, but it’s mainly just lovely to get something that someone’s made themselves and you can still get wellied on.  Home brewing’s a great thing and I really need to do more of it: I’ve only gotten round to doing one kit so far and it went really well.  Iain in the Abbey Home Brew shop at Kirkstall traffic lights recommended a Brupacks Colne Valley Bitter kit when I said I wanted to make a Yorkshire bitter like Black Sheep and with not much effort (barring a lot of bottle washing) I ended up with a couple of crates of very drinkable beer.

I’d like to try a couple more kits before moving on to anything more complicated.  That might be a good resolution for 2011.  Must get my hydrometer back.

  1. January 7, 2011 at 10:50 am

    The latest MBT case is very good Brodies Prime is always a winner along with Zeitgeist,Gorlovka, Black Dub and Highlander.

    That homebrew looks likes its going to explode! I know you should do one bottle to check that the carbonation good but that looks ready to blow!

  2. January 13, 2011 at 1:14 am

    I’m enjoying the Highlander right now. Was lucky enough to stumble upon Black Dub on cask in the Cross Keys last night and it was great, so looking forward to trying the bottle.

    Fortunately the cider’s just in an odd-shaped bottle. I think.

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