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Beer In Bruges: Windmills & Westmalle

On our final full day in Bruges we needed somewhere to grab lunch and write some postcards, so I fell back on Around Bruges In 80 Beers and picked De Windmolen, a corner cafe in the east of the city overlooked by two or three of Bruges’ windmills.

Inside it’s a nice little cafe with bare floors and an assorted miscellany stacked on shelves and attached to the walls and roof, including a Michael Jackson book and some very creepy ragdolls.  Commercial radio was playing for the bar staff and the three regulars happily propping up the bar in the otherwise empty cafe.

Although it was very pleasant inside, the best place to sit is on the terrace out the front, looking at the windmills, safely under the cover of a canopy if it starts to shower.  Which it did.

I enjoyed a Tripel Karmeliet and Westmalle Tripel, as well as tucking into a large Croque-Madame (literal translation: Mrs Crunch / actual meaning: Mr Crunch with a fried egg on his head).  This came with a truly enormous salad; the type of salad that could choke a horse, or Gregg Wallace, or Gregg Wallace’s horse.  In fact, the type of salad that can take on two strong lunchtime beers and leaves you in the mood for a brisk walk around the canals that encircle Bruges. So that was what we did, ending up slightly drenched in a cafe on the other side of the city, warming up with a St Bernardus Abt.

In the context of Bruges, De Windmolen doesn’t really register as a beer destination, but it is a lovely, friendly, pretty little place with good staff and a well-chosen selection of bottled beers (the book says 19).  Worth both the dander to and the stumble away from.

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  1. October 7, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    Looks really nice Nick, not visited that part of the city yet, but definitely should as it looks world away from the normal city centre places.

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